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First Impressions Mean A Lot



Welcome to Jennifer & Gay Staging and Interiors

Home sellers rely on us for quick-and-easy assembly and our strategic designs that move homes and net you more money. Our designs are carefully curated to appeal to the largest group of potential buyers, while showcasing up-to-the-minute design trends. Our simple home staging process takes the hassle out of preparing your home to sell.

Whether your property is a cozy condo, spacious home, or stylish town home, we are there to ensure that potential buyers immediately see your space as their chic, vibrant future home.

Our Services

Buyers want to feel connected to a home before they purchase. We can make sure they do. We offer flexible home-staging for occupied homesvacant homes, and model homes across the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Let's help you showcase your home's best features!



If buyers can’t envision a space as their home, they can’t get excited about it. We make your empty property feel like home.



It’s still your home until the day you move out. With Jennifer & Gay, you’re in control from start to finish—your home will be designed to sell, but you’ll never be inconvenienced.



Breathe life into your new development by staging your model homes. Our full-service designs look and feel like luxury!

8 Reasons to Stage

You want to sell your home fast and for as much money as possible, that’s a given. But you might be wondering if it’s really worth bothering to stage your home before selling it?  We’re going to show you, as our client, why we recommend our FREE Certified Home Staging service to help showcase your home in it's best light to help sell it fast and for more money.

Staging your home is helpful for getting a higher offer, as quickly as possible.

Home staging can help….

  • Get you a higher selling price (an average of 6.32% over the listing price)

  • Sell your home more quickly

  • Draw in potential buyers with beautiful online photos

  • Highlight the best aspects of your home and will downplay anything less than ideal

Staging your home to sell is a worthwhile investment. Your home will likely sell faster and for more money, you’ll draw in qualified potential buyers with the images of each room’s beautiful design, and you can hand over the entire process to experts. Staged homes, on average, sell for more than 6.32% over the list price, which usually means thousands more dollars than it would have sold for without staging. We love to share our home staging advice because we love our job and love helping people make their dreams come true!  Our FREE upgrade of service to get you Sold!

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