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The Winning Team

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Having a business partner definitely gives you an advantage in serving your clients.

As your real estate agents, we believe that teamwork is essential to meeting the needs of buyers and sellers.

It's hard for one agent to be everywhere. We believe that teaming up together as your Realtors® is the best approach for handling the day-to-day details, while providing good service to our customers.

In today's real estate market, we have found that by partnering with another licensed agent or hiring assistants to handle different aspects of the business, we can handle more transactions. We tell our clients that if you hire us, you'll get two agents for the price of one. We have been working together since 2019 and were co-owners of our own staging company for six years before merging as a real estate team in 2019.

There's no "score keeping" in our 50-50 partnership. Whoever clicks the best with the client will work with them. We believe the key to a successful partnership is trust. You have to have confidence that each person will be doing a good job for the benefit of the client.

To be successful, real estate agents must develop a variety of skills: marketing their services, representing sellers, assisting buyers, negotiating deals, providing financial advice and coordinating all details of the sale. Agents must also keep track of the local real estate market and work with their brokers, who provide support and receive a share of the commission. So it's not surprising for agents to develop specialties that often lead to complementary partnerships. We believe it's the only way to give our clients the best possible service.

Having a partner is also a good way for agents to make sure their bases are covered if they get ill or go on vacation, as it is imperative that our clients needs are addressed asap as they arise. We team up as a convenience to our customers and to ourselves. This way, when one of us is tied up, the other agent is there to take care of things.

A recent report, "A Changing Landscape," by the National Association of Realtors' Strategic Issues Subcommittee, predicts that more agents nationwide will be building their own teams. The study forecast that more agents will be supported by their own teams of licensed and unlicensed assistants in order to build maximum sales volume.

Having a business partner definitely gives our clients an advantage.

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